Our Philosophy

One truth and all other problems are solved — You are already Whole. Holistic Psychotherapy and Yoga is rooted in the knowing that you do not need to be fixed. Rather, the conditioned ways that you think, feel, and experience the world that are getting in the way of knowing your wholeness are also getting in the way of true health and fulfillment. In that sense, the therapeutic process is not so much adding on or creating a new person, as removing the layers of what is false and blocking you from living the life you want.

After almost a decade of guiding clients on their healing journey, there are some basic truths we have discovered:
  • It is not possible to fully heal without considering the body and what is stored there. Moving the body is also an essential piece of mental health, and of course, overall health.

  • Nutrition is also a key factor in mental health.

  • Individual therapy is an important component of the healing journey. However we also heal in community, especially if we have suffered interpersonal trauma.

  • A connection to a higher power is a powerful ingredient in the healing process. Whether you call this universal intelligence God, spirit, nature, or something else, it is so valuable to be open to connecting to something greater than yourself.

  • If you believe healing isn’t possible, that your life is hopeless, then it is. Likewise, if you believe there is hope, then there is. The mind is powerful beyond measure.

  • Everyone is traumatized — it’s just a matter of degree.

Given these basic truths, our ideal client:
  • Is open-minded.

  • Has a spiritual connection or is interested in developing one.

  • Is looking for something more than talk therapy, and believes in the importance of a holistic approach.

  • Is ready to experience true healing and to do the work it takes to change their mindset and life, to let go of self-sabotage and stuckness.

  • Is open to referrals for other services such as nutritional counseling, acupuncture, group therapy, movement classes, etc.

  • Is willing to look at their resistance to change and healing.

  • Is open to referrals to another therapist if we are not working optimally together; also believes in the goodness of fit.